What is Persahabatan? Persahabatan mean Friendship. It is a Lung Hospital

Persahabatan Heart and Lung Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases in adults and acquired and congenital heart defects in newborns, infants and children. Our services include a full range of outpatient diagnostic procedures and consultation services, such as outpatient catheterization, second opinions and numerous specialty clinics for evaluation and assessment. Our specialists, who practice only at Persahabatan, are also experts in the latest non-surgical alternatives for treating heart and lung diseases.

Persahabatan's excellent and well-known reputation is based on our experience of concentrating only on heart and lung disease and performing almost 10,000 open heart surgeries, balloon angioplasties, cardiac catheterizations and other vascular and pulmonary surgical procedures every year. Persahabatan participates in many managed care networks, including most HMO's and PPO's, accepts all commercial insurance and all Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Persahabatan's services and programs are available to everyone. It's as easy as one telephone call from your physician. Persahabatan Heart and Lung Center..

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